Monday, January 29, 2018

Why Our Fuel Additives Work

Fuel Additive and Cleaner for Cars, Trucks and SUVs

Do fuel additives do anything, or are the claims on the bottle just clever advertising? It doesn’t depend on your car. In fact, a true fuel additive will work with all gas even Diesel. So the question has everything to do with the credibility of the product. Do they have the tests and reputation to support their claims on the bottle.

Total Power’s TPx has been in use in the industrial sector including military bodies for 20+ years and support all of the claims on their bottle with evidence found in laboratory and field tests. They even have physical test captured in  video for your amazement. This fuel additive is the unique in that it is the only biodegradable synthetic additive on the market that is certified eco-friendly.

Learn more here about this affordable product that only requires an ounce to 15 gallons to obtain those claims found on the outer label.