Monday, May 1, 2017

Do Fuel Additives Really Work for Angie's Parents?

 Best Fuel Additive to Avoid Stumbling and Stalling

Jerry wanted to really impress his girlfriend’s parents by taking them on a sailing trip outside of the marina in San Diego. The O'Reilly’s were very taken by the marina and Jerry’s sail boat. They only wished for stability and good treatment of their daughter.

Jerry began to prepare and start his on-board engine to taxi the sail boat out past the jetties before hoisting sails, and realized that his engine had not been started in months. When he saw the faces of his girlfriend’s parents, he knew he could not appear like an amateur. Meanwhile, knowing that a cold start might do exactly the opposite. He remembered that he used a biodegradable fuel additive called TPx the last time he filled his tanks.  

A nervous Jerry tried to remain calm, as his prospective in laws glared discerningly. Jerry remained calm, and with one turn of the key, the engine started immediately. Happily, to everyone’s surprise there weren’t any plumes of smoke being emitted either, considering the engine had remained dormant for months since its last use.

Jerry was happy that he responded to his friends advice by using TPx All-In-One fuel additives as a preventive medicine for his fuel vehicles.

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